Who I am

My name is Eric Abbott. The lady to the left of me in the picture is my wife, Charity.

We have been married for about a little over a year now and having a blast serving Christ together in our Christ-Centered marriage. I am a business man, and I have been in the online industry now making money from home for about 12 years now (Since I was 18) I am now 30 years of age. 

The online marketing industry is all about helping people to me, and serving others. To me it has a very basic Christian principle of giving to others, empowering others, and the more you give and empower others, you recieve back in return. 

This is about the only industry I can think of where the more value you give out, and the more people you help, the m ore successful you yourself become. 

That is why I started this project, Marketing Launch Alerts. There is much more going into this than just keeping you up to date with the latest online marketing launches. I will be conducting much more than just reviewing and broadcasting new program launches. In fact, within this little site is a hidden jewel for those who look for into it. Within this site beyond the information of new program launches, will be information on how you can work with me personally, where I can lead you to information on how to make money online along side with me. The more successful YOU are, the more I am aswell. 

It brings me alot of joy to watch others succeed, which is why I just love this industry. There are many things out there which I personally recommend to you, but there are much that I recommend you stay AWAY from that will lead you to nothing but failure. And this site will be a guide that I hope you will find helpful in giving you a sense of the right direction to take.